Terrierific is a unique, residential grooming service specializing in the art of hand stripping terriers and other dogs with hard, wiry coats.


This website provides helpful information about plucking wire jackets as well as other options for breed specific maintenance.

Terrierific is now available in South Carolina, Aiken and Charleston, Ga areas as well as NYC with Sonja Lessly!

Individual Training Classes

Want to know how to maintain your pet’s grooming?  Sign up for our private or group “Grooming & Pet Maintenance” workshops!



A non-refundable down payment ($200) is required at the time of registration.  The  remaining balance must be paid in cash at the time of the lesson.

Client Testimonials

When we got our Russell Terrier, I quickly realized that he was going to require a professional groomer who specializes in terrier stripping. We soon learned that Beth had moved to Aiken, SC and that she was an experienced terrier groomer. We quickly set up an appointment and both of our terriers got the benefit of Beth’s skills. I also learned about the proper tools for maintaining the terriers’ coats between seasonal stripping appointments with Beth.

We are most fortunate that Beth has set up her grooming business in Aiken and I urge any owner with a dog that requires professional grooming to call Beth. She’s a delightful person and is so willing to share her knowledge.

— Sandy and Bill Tucker

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