Care & Maintenance:
Recommended Equipment

Named an "indispensable tool" by groomers. Trims out the undercoat and dead hair while unraveling and dematting the coat. Features an extra long balanced wooden handle. For grooming heavy coats and is most suitable for all kinds of spaniels as well as for shaggy coats.

A gentle, snowy white ear grooming powder that contains an effective and safe anti-bacterial agent that assists in maintaining good ear hygiene including odor control. Guaranteed not to stain or discolor. Has excellent gripping qualities for either finger or instrument hair pulling.  

Helps eliminate ear conditions associated with bacteria, yeast and fungi. This synergistic formulation of boric and acetic acid helps provide relief for animals experiencing ear inflammation and pain, discharge, pruritus and head shaking. Also effective for flushing oily or crusty ears.  

Ashely Craig Pet Products. Metal and stone strippers.

This brand is softer than all others.


Millers Forge® Designer Series Soft Slicker Pet Grooming Brushes feature extra lightweight construction for better control and less hand fatigue. High-quality stainless steel pins effectively remove hair.

Item #MF226

Make sure to dilute AT LEAST 10 TO 1. For wire haired dogs, mostly terriers. This Crisp Coat Texturizing and Detoxifying Shampoo from #1 All Systems® adds critical texture and volume to hard- or rough-coated dogs.

Item #AL95440

This high quality dog comb from All Systems features a non-slip handle and extra smooth teeth. Brass, steel body with nickel plating make this an exceptional comb. This is the finest comb on the market today!


Item #14-006

These economical stripping knives are the tool of choice for many dog show groomers. Stainless steel blade is set into a comfortable plastic handle.



The portable, professional table that groomers love. Each Master Equipment™ Dog Grooming Table features a pebbled rubber non-slip surface, durable goalpost-style legs that fold for easy transport, and steel-reinforced rubber feet. One-year warranty.


Item #TP154

Super-concentrated shampoo with optical brighteners.No-nonsense formulation cleans and brightens without bleaching.Dilute 10 to 1.


Item #03-042

Chris Christensen is now producing Pro Line Winning Ways Self Rinse Plus, using the same formulas that made these products an industry standard since 1976. Self Rinse Plus is a no rinse shampoo that is used when running water is unavailable or when a quick clean up is needed. It is used extenstively at dog shows for cleaning and styling purposes. A few of the uses for Self Rinse Plus are at dog shows to spot clean and deodorize, for last minute touch ups, between baths, soiling mishaps after grooming, after outdoor activities such as during bad weather to prevent tracking in the house and when caring for puppies.


Item #03-P001-16

Frozen tempered for extra sharpness and longer life. Handmade to the highest standards in Solingen, Germany by skilled craftsmen.



Frozen tempered for extra sharpness and longer life. Handmade to the highest standards in Solingen, Germany by skilled craftsmen.



Remove bad coat without damaging skin or good coat.  A sculpting tool for any breed, pulls wild hairs & doesn't cut them.  Eliminate wild hairs and remove flyaway hairs for fine-tuning.  Remove unsightly soft hair build up on ears or in ears without injuring the skin.  Short coated breeds; virtually rub off unwanted coat.  Terriers; rolling coats, detail work, grabs fine hairs without breaking.  No  more cutting or breaking coat.  Made of pure sandstone.



Sculpting stones set of 3

5" head, 7 1/4" body length


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Individual Training Classes

Want to know how to maintain your pet’s grooming?  Sign up for our private or group “Grooming & Pet Maintenance” workshops!



A non-refundable down payment ($200) is required at the time of registration.  The  remaining balance must be paid in cash at the time of the lesson.

Client Testimonials

When we got our Russell Terrier, I quickly realized that he was going to require a professional groomer who specializes in terrier stripping. We soon learned that Beth had moved to Aiken, SC and that she was an experienced terrier groomer. We quickly set up an appointment and both of our terriers got the benefit of Beth’s skills. I also learned about the proper tools for maintaining the terriers’ coats between seasonal stripping appointments with Beth.

We are most fortunate that Beth has set up her grooming business in Aiken and I urge any owner with a dog that requires professional grooming to call Beth. She’s a delightful person and is so willing to share her knowledge.

— Sandy and Bill Tucker

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